The soft and supple feel of this writing instrument make it especially comfortable and luxurious to use.

  • Custom ball point pen constructed out of genuine leather



The Innovator™ is a ballpoint pen constructed out of pebble grain leather for a sleek and sophisticated look. 

  • This high-end, dual-purpose writing instrument features an antique silver curved barrel with genuine leather cap.


Sophisticated in appearance and comfortable in use, this pen is the professional executive's first choice.

  • The Inluxus is a metal twist action ball point pen featuring an elegantly ribbed body and bright gold appointments.


  • Purple twist action ballpoint pen with silver grapevine accents.


The cork barrel design of the Ivino series embraces the spirit of the vineyard.

  • Twist action ball point pen featuring a unique barrel constructed out of cork.


Carry a symbol of American freedom wherever you go with these solid cast eagle bust pens.

  • Patented Eagle Bust twist action ballpoint pen with flag barrel
  • Black lacquer top


The simple design of the dot pattern against the millennium silver exudes elegance and quality.

  • Twist action ballpoint pen


Your marketing success is "written" when you choose the Intextur for your Tablet and Smartphone!

  • Twist action ballpoint pen w/Stylus


You may not know art, but you know how to write!

  • This ball point pen has a colorful pattern similar to Pablo Picasso's cubism style.
  • A twist action mechanism eliminates the distraction of clicking for a quieter, more sophisticated writing instrument.
  • This is just one piece in our exclusive IPicasso line, designed for those who want flair with their quality writing tools.



Sleek and stylish, this is the perfect set for executives, managers, and other professionals who want to make a good impression.

  • The metal Impella gift set features a ball point pen and a mechanical pencil
  • Colors include black, burgundy, navy and forest green
  • Also available individually