Writing Instruments

We stock Cross and I-Mark pens and pencils. When you purchase a writing instrument from Valley Trophies, one line of engraving is always included!

Cross Writing Instruments


Inspired by the beautiful floral patterns used in henna designs, Botanica is sure to captivate. Eye-catching colors are used to artfully illustrate three lush floral designs on pearlescent ivory lacquer. Tendrils of deep-etched metallic highlights bring the layers together, creating an element of depth and dimension. Like nature itself, Botanica is at once elegant, whimsical, and boldly original.

Tech 3

The Tech3+ is one clever multi-tasker. With a simple, smooth twist, switch from black Ballpoint Pen to red Ballpoint Pen to 0.5mm pencil. With a detachable smart stylus, you can navigate your smartphone, tablet or any other touch-screen device with ease. Enhance the way you work and create, every day.

Tech 4

Get sleek styling in a versatile multi-function writer that transitions seamlessly from pencil to red, black or blue ink. It’s four new ways to bring your thoughts to life in one.


Let your ideas flow smoothly with the Cross Click slim gel retractable pen – this modern
interpretation of Cross’s iconic silhouette features smooth gel ink and an easy to use click mechanism.

Easy Writer

Sleek design meets superior comfort in this fine instrument. Everything about it was designed to make writing a joy. From the wider profile, to the soft, yielding grip, to the incredible finesse and
smoothness that you’ll experience when you put pen to paper. It’s the pen that feels every bit as good as it looks.

Tech 2

The Tech2 Stylus and Ballpoint pen allows you to quickly switch from traditional writing to digital interface. Modern problems require modern solutions, making this dual function writing instrument a perfect tool for every business professional.

Classic Century


A monument to mid-century modern design, the Century collection welcomes the addition of a new slim profile Gel Ink Pen, Fountain Pen, and a new Black Lacquer finish. As our most iconic silhouette, the Century continues to inspire visionaries as it has for six decades. Classic Century pen & pencil sets feature iconic propel / repel mechanism and indent in conical top for easy identification of technology.

I-Mark Writing Instruments

Ibellero Leather


An I-mark exclusive, these genuine leather items make a unique statement. The fine attention to detail make these the ultimate experience in writing.


Genuine football material leather, twist action ballpoint pen with silver appointments.


Genuine crocodile pattern leather and chrome ballpoint pen. New item!


A fusion of black metal and genuine rosewood ballpoint pen.


The cork barrel design of the Ivino series embraces the spirit of the vineyard. Twist action ballpoint pen.


Patented eagle bust twist action ballpoint pen with sculpted American flag barrel. Carry a symbol of American freedom wherever you go with these solid cast eagle bust pens.


An I-Mark original. The simple design of the dot pattern against the millennium silver exudes elegance and quality.


Twist action metal ballpoint pen with touchscreen stylus is perfect for your mobile device.


Twist action ballpoint pen with embossed script design.


One of I-Mark's newest designs, Ipicasso delivers artistic expression with Pablo Picasso flair. Twist action metal ballpoint pen.


The Inluxus is the executive's first choice. Featuring an elegantly ribbed body and bright gold appointments. Ballpoint pen and pencil available


Purple twist action ballpoint pen with silver grapevine accents.

Fisher Space Pens

The Fisher Space Pen performs in temperatures from -30ºF to +250ºF, underwater, in zero gravity, at any angle – even upside down! The ultimate in dependability! The choice of ski patrols, search and rescue teams, law enforcement agencies, armed forces, and everyone who demands reliability in a writing instrument.

When open it's a full sized, evenly balanced writing instrument...When closed, Fisher Space Pens are the perfect size to carry in your wallet, pocket, purse, car glove box, organizer or toolbox. The original Fisher Space Pen Bullet was conceived in July of 1948, Paul Fisher was soon machining a new pen design shaped from solid aluminum. It became the first Fisher ball point pen, the 400 Fisher Space Pen Bullet, and arguably the most popular pen of the twentieth century. This pen is now all brass with a raw Brass finish.

Cited as an outstanding example of industrial art, the classic design of the Space Pen by Fisher has been exhibited for years in the New York Museum of Modern Art. The Bullet's timeless styling has been the topic of many art books and magazine articles. Often imitated but never duplicated, the Fisher Bullet continues to be our most popular pen.

This pen will write underwater, upside down and in extreme heat or cold.

We also carry Fisher Space Pen Refills! Black Ink Medium Point Space Pen Pressurized Cartridge. This is our standard 3 1/2 inch Pressurized Cartridge that fits this pen. The Write Out for this Cartridge is approximately 15,000 feet depending on writing style - 3 ½ times longer than a typical ball point Cartridge.

.338 Mag Cartridge Space Pen-Brass
The birth of the .338 Lapua Magnum dates back to 1982, when an American company Research Armament Industries, RAI, in Rogers Arkansas, was asked by the United States Marine forces to develop a long-range rifle for sniper applications. RAI was a relatively small company, owned by the late Jerry Haskins, operating mainly in the field of defense technology projects. Officially the project was to develop a target rifle for 1000 yards, but in reality the purpose was more likely to develop a 1500m sniper rifle. The Cap for this exciting new Space Pen model is an actual .338 H Mag Shell. What a special gift for the hunter or outdoors enthusiast. Inside is a lacquered Brass Cartridge Space Pen.

 .375 Mag Cartridge Space Pen-Brass


The Cap for this exciting new Space Pen model is an actual .375 H & H Mag Shell.
What a special gift for the hunter or outdoors enthusiast. Inside is a lacquered Brass Cartridge Space Pen.

*Please note! This pen cap is RAW Brass, just as bullets are. That means there is no finish on the brass. Each one will have it's own unique look. Over time a nice patina will develop. Also we recommend you never fly with your .375 Cartridge Space Pen. TSA sometimes won't believe it's a writing instrument! We want you to enjoy your Space Pen for a long long time.

 .375 Mag Cartridge Space Pen-Nickel Silver


The Cap for this exciting new Space Pen model is an actual .375 H & H Mag Shell. This is our Newest Model .375NS Bullet Space Pen. Our other Cartridge Bullet Pens have actual bullet casings that are raw brass. This is our first release where the bullet cartridge has been plated with Nickel Silver. What a great look in the hand! The portion of the pen that contains our PR (pressurized refill) cartridge is plated with Copper Zirconium Nitride. The combination of this portion of the pen, which is what appears to be the bullet when closed, along with the Nickel Silver Cartridge/Casing makes for one of our finest Space Pens.