We can produce signs up to 12" x 24" in house using quality plastics or metals. Whether your need is for indoor or outdoor signage, we have a material that will suit your needs. Since we design and fabricate them in house, this allows for a much faster turn around and ultimate control over the final product than other companies who are merely re-sellers. Most are engraved with our laser engraver allowing for endless customization possibilities. Some examples are below, but the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Let us know how we can be of service to you and/or your organization.






We can create plastic signs for most any occasion or purpose. Whether it is for use in an industrial, health care, retail, service, corporate or any other setting, you can be sure to find what you need at Valley Trophies.


Using various sizes of wall mounts, we can create signage that literally stands out. The example shown was reverse engraved using a special plastic then color filled black for clarity..

Most metals are engraved in house with our precision laser engraver and cut to specification. Outdoor and UV protected material are available. 

We can sublimate silver, gold or white aluminum with images and text to suit your application. Images can be solid black or in full color.

                                                                                                              Pictures can be added to metal signs for the ultimate in personalization. 

Finishing options for plastics and metals include:


Custom Logo or Artwork

Outdoor Material

Round, Square or Notched Corners

Holes Punched

Industrial, Double Sided Tape

Routed Edges (plastics only)

Custom Shapes & Sizes

ADA Signage (plastics only)


We stock 4" x 12" walnut sign blanks that can be customized for your purpose. Shown is an example that has been color filled with black for greater contrast. If you have your own piece of wood you would like customized, we can certainly do that as well.

                 Sign Accessories

We stock metal brackets in a variety of sizes in order for you to mount either plastic or metal signs to the wall or place them on your desk as a name bar. They come in both silver and gold.

Name Badges

                     Engraved Badges

                 Sublimated Badges

We create custom name badges using our quality plastics, metals or woods any size you desire as they are all cut from 12" x 24" sheets. If you are in need of a military style metal badge, we stock those in silver and gold as well for a quick turn around. 

Using silver or gold plastic 1" x 3" or 1.5" x 3" frames, we can sublimate white, silver or gold aluminum with your image or logo in full color and add any text required.

We stock .030" thick plastic sheets that can be cut to size and imprinted with your information. These make great ID cards. Using our graphics software, bar codes can be inserted in many different formats.

Finishing options include:


Custom Logo or Artwork

Round, Square or Custom Edges/Corners

Pin, Magnet, Clutch Back or Alligator Clip

Routed Edges

Custom Shapes & Sizes



                                               Name Badge Attachments

                                                    Stock Plastic Colors

Below is a sampling of the plastic colors we have on the shelf. The line on each picture indicates the color of the text or image once engraved.


Note: Plastic colors below may not display accurately due to being on the internet. Let us know if you have any questions or are trying to match a certain color pattern as there are many other options available.

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