Fabricated from steel and professionally powder coated for protection from the elements. These stands solve all your display problems. Great for memorial plaques, garden plaques, information plaques, outdoor signage, pet memorials, etc. Available in various plate sizes and lengths.


(The images show an engraved granite tile mounted to the stands. We also offer them with an outdoor aluminum plate or outdoor rated plastic at a lower price or attach your own plate)


Stand Sizes in Stock (More sizes available upon request):


  • 4 Foot Height w/ 8.5" x 11" Mounting Plate
  • 4 Foot Height w/ 5" x 6" Mounting Plate
  • 3 Foot Height w/ 6" x 8" Mounting Plate
  • 3 Foot Height w/ 8.5" x 11" Mounting Plate
  • 1 Foot Height w/ 2" x 4" Mounting Plate



If you are looking for a Tribute Stake that will stand the test of time......... HERE IT IS!

Practically Indestructible! Will Last Centuries!


Each Stake has a hole drilled at the bottom to allow a bolt or rod, (not included), to be installed to prevent removal after installation in concrete or earth


  • 5.5"x7.5" Plate Area
  • 10 Guage (.135")
  • 30" Stake Length to top of weld (32.5" to top of plate)
  • 1" Tube (11 Guage, .120" wall thickness)



These beautiful Cast Aluminum sign plaques feature a raised double border and a recessed area for an engraved plate. Perfect for wayfinding, memorials, donor plates, building signs, or any smaller outdoor signage, they come with a 24" aluminum rod that slides into the back of the plaque for mounting in the ground. Available in 3 frame sizes in either Black w/Silver and Brown w/Gold or Black w/Gold Borders. We stock outdoor aluminum as well as outdoor plastics that can be engraved and attached to these cast aluminum frames.

Frame Sizes in Stock (All with a 2 Foot Stake):

  • 10" x 8"
  • 8" x 6"
  • 6" x 4"

Galvanized Steel Stakes

  • 100% Stainless Steel Stakes
  • Captive Plate - Can Not Fall Off
  • Large 10 Gauge Posts
  • 1.125 x 3.5 inch Surface for Attachment
  • 20" Leg Length

Engraving Materials (Outdoor Rated)

DuraBlack Aluminum

DuraBlack® is CO2 laser markable aluminum for durable, on-demand marking for harsh operating environments. In side-by-side tests, DuraBlack outperforms black anodized aluminum and laser markable acrylic tape in select applications. DuraBlack is resistant to sunlight (UV-radiation), abrasion, high-temperatures and chemical exposure. Because of its ability to perform across a range of challenging environments, DuraBlack meets several government, industrial and military specifications including MIL-STD 130N, A-A-50271 (≈MIL-P-514D) and MIL-STD-15024G, Type L.

Anodized Aluminum

Textured Brown/Gold Plastic