The right tool for the job! Laser engrave these knives with your company name and logo for a strong product that will cut through the competition. View some of our regularly stocked items below.

Lockback w/Wood Handle

Lockback 4" Knife w/ Bolsters
I40-S-KN Lockback Pocket Knife
  • 4" Length (Closed)
  • Engraved directly onto the metal blade or on the wood handle
  • Detailed scrollwork on metal portion of handle
  •  4 1/2"(L) When closed
  • Rosewood Handle

Lockback w/Metal Handle

  •  4 1/2"(L) When closed
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Handle

Dual Blade Pocket Knives


When one blade just won't "cut" it! Staff of outdoor facilities will be eager to laser engrave their organization's name or logo on this handy tool.

Multi-Tool Pocket Knives

Affordable multi tool pocketknives make great gifts or promotional items.

J001GFT Multi Tool Pocket Knife
J001GFT Multi Tool Pocket Knife
  • 2 1/4"(L) when closed x 3/8" thick
  • Scissors: 1 5/8"(L), 9/16" blade
  • File: 1 5/8"(L)
  • Knife: 1 1/2"(L)
  • Tools are stainless steel.
J011GFT Multi Tool Pocket Knife
J011GFT Multi Tool Pocket Knife
  •  3 1/2"(L) when closed x 3/8" thick
  • Jump ring included, does not include key ring.
  • Scissors: 2 3/8"(L), 3/4" blade
  • File: 1 3/8"(L)
  • Knife: 2 1/2"(L), 2 1/8" blade
  • Philips head screw driver: 1 3/8"(L)
  • Corkscrew: 1 1/4"(L)
  • Combination bottle opener/flat head screwdriver: 1"(L)
  • Can opener: 1"(L)
  • Tools are stainless steel.