The right tool for the job! Laser engrave these knives with your company name and logo for a strong product that will cut through the competition. View some of our regularly stocked items below.

Lockback w/Wood Handle

Lockback 4" Knife w/ Bolsters
I40-S-KN Lockback Pocket Knife
  • 4" Length (Closed)
  • Engraved directly onto the metal blade or on the wood handle
  • Detailed scrollwork on metal portion of handle
  •  4 1/2"(L) When closed
  • Rosewood Handle

Lockback w/Metal Handle

  •  4 1/2"(L) When closed
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Handle

Dual Blade Pocket Knives

Multi-Tool Pocket Knives

Affordable multi tool pocketknives make great gifts or promotional items.

J001GFT Multi Tool Pocket Knife
J001GFT Multi Tool Pocket Knife
  • 2 1/4"(L) when closed x 3/8" thick
  • Scissors: 1 5/8"(L), 9/16" blade
  • File: 1 5/8"(L)
  • Knife: 1 1/2"(L)
  • Tools are stainless steel.
J011GFT Multi Tool Pocket Knife
J011GFT Multi Tool Pocket Knife
  •  3 1/2"(L) when closed x 3/8" thick
  • Jump ring included, does not include key ring.
  • Scissors: 2 3/8"(L), 3/4" blade
  • File: 1 3/8"(L)
  • Knife: 2 1/2"(L), 2 1/8" blade
  • Philips head screw driver: 1 3/8"(L)
  • Corkscrew: 1 1/4"(L)
  • Combination bottle opener/flat head screwdriver: 1"(L)
  • Can opener: 1"(L)
  • Tools are stainless steel.