Custom Engraving

If your item has a relatively flat surface or is cylindrical and is made of a material that is able to be engraved, chances are we can engrave it. Below is a list of engraving machines we have in our shop:

  • Trotec 20W Fiber Laser Engraver w/Rotary Attachment
  • Trotec 80W CO2 Laser Engraver w/Rotary Attachment
  • Epilog 50W CO2 Laser Engraver
  • Xenetech XOT1625 Diamond Bit Engraver and Router w/Viper Electronics
  • New Hermes Trophy Master, IS Diamond Bit Engraver and Router
  • New Hermes Pantograph Engraver

Our Trotec lasers can cut out pretty much any shape you want using plastic, acrylic, wood, or any other soft material that won't burn, and customize it as needed for many different applications.

Electrical Outlet & Switch Plates

Are you a contractor, manufacturer or other construction personnel? At Valley Trophies, we can permanently engrave outlet and switch plates to help you meet the specifications of your build.

If you are in need of some simple plastic tags with adhesive to label electrical boxes, etc., ask about our special contractor rates. View some of the materials we offer here

Engraved Electric Switch Cover Plate

This metal, multi-switch cover plate was engraved using our fiber laser, leaving permanent markings. Fiber lasers work with almost any type of bare metal. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Laser Engraved Plastic Switch Cover Plate

Using our Xenetech router, we can deep engrave and color fill plastic outlet and switch plates. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Wood Products

We can engrave and color fill pretty much any type of wood. On the left is one example of a hanging sign we did for a customer on a solid walnut blank. This one was filled in with black for better contrast.


Below is a solid American elm log slice that was custom engraved for a wedding and color filled black. These cuttings are available in various sizes and since they are genuine wood pieces, no two are exactly alike. Also pictured is a guitar head from Dominguez Custom Guitars in Elsa which we engraved a logo onto.

Wine Glasses or Mugs

Getting married soon or having a special event which you would like to commemorate with etched wine glasses? Using our precision laser engraver with rotary attachment, we can engrave your text or logo with ease. Bring in your own glasses or come in to see what we can supply for you. Almost any size or style of glass, mug, bottle or otherwise can be customized.


We can reverse engrave mirrors with our laser engraver, leaving behind an image which can be painted or left clear. The sample shown is a candle "plate" left over from a wedding party we used to practice with.

Un-coated Metal Items