If you are looking for something distinguished, durable and permanent, cast metals are an excellent choice. Below you will find information from one of our suppliers with whom we have established a very good working relationship over the years. Matthews International has been in business since 1850, so they know what they are doing!

Cast Plaques


The permanence of cast bronze or aluminum, combined with design versatility, make cast plaques an excellent choice for signage,
commemoration and recognition projects. True sand casting naturally features the attributes of the metal and conveys a feeling of quality
and tradition. Matthews custom manufactures every plaque to your specifications and can support the process from design to delivery. Whether you are designing way-finding, identification or a tribute, no product can
match the artistry and durability of a Matthews’ true sand cast plaque.



An innovative, patented process, ImageCast™ combines the enduring distinction of a cast plaque with the detailed look of a photograph.
Imagine turning any photo into a permanent, strikingly beautiful and personal tribute—imagine the power of ImageCast™.
Working from customer-supplied images, Matthews’ ImageCast™ designers create layouts that are cast as well-defined dimensional
images in bronze or aluminum plaques. Perfect for personal or team tributes, historical markers or any sign, ImageCast™ plaques can be
produced in various shapes, sizes and border styles.

Etched Plaques


Matthews’ etched plaques are a great option when you need to show fine detail and crisp text. The etching process permits exact
reproduction of artwork for interior or exterior applications. Etched plaques are available in aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, muntz
metal, zinc and stainless steel. The etching process can also reproduce halftone photographs. Halftone portraits resemble newspaper photographs. These halftone photographic reproductions can be used as stand-alone products or be incorporated with any etched or cast plaque. Extremely detailed, beautiful and crafted to last, Matthews’ etched
plaques are the industry standard for quality, precision and durability.

Metal Letters


Metal letters from Matthews are designed to deliver any message in an unforgettable fashion. This adaptable form of signage is both dynamic
and distinctive. Letters can be installed to most any surface and have many options for font and finish.

Cast Letters: Matthews produces true sand cast letters by pouring molten metal into sand molds, a process that delivers a highly durable and distinctive way to convey any message.

Prismatic Letters: Many cast letter styles can be converted to a prismatic face through CAD equipment or hand-carving. A variety of shapes and textures can also be applied to cast letter faces.

Waterjet-Cut Letters and Logos: The ultimate in precision and detail, waterjet-cut letters from Matthews deliver an outstanding level of quality, prestige and durability.




Matthews offers the finest selection, quality and overall value in granite. Similar to our metal products, granite is an ideal option for custom signage, memorials and recognition applications. Granite offers high visibility, low maintenance and a prestigious appearance. Matthews offers a variety of different granite color options sourced from quarries around the world. No matter the color, or country of origin, Matthews handles each granite product with the same level of excellence. There are endless possibilities with granite. Customize your project by selecting the shape, carving and finish, with many options for lettering and imagery as well.

Specialty Products

If you are looking for a truly unique way of recognizing a person, event, or organization, Matthews’ can turn any creative idea into a
visual masterpiece.

Statuary: Statuary is the ultimate way to recognize and honor an legendary individual or historic event. Statues can be created in any size
and are made to the most exacting standards. Let Matthews help you create a timeless destination that will be truly unforgettable for visitors.

Recognition Trees & Shapes: Recognition trees from Matthews can be custom-designed or ordered in an array of standard configurations.
Recognition shapes can be designed around specific themes or created to resemble a logo, mascot or other identifier.

ALUMICOLOR™ technology has applications limited only by the imagination from interpretive and way-finding signage for museums, historic locations, hospitals, schools and hotels, to public art pieces, permanent barcodes and OEM equipment.