Prix pour l'Excellence

We have recently become a retailer for Prizes for Excellence products, based out of Canada.
They provide high quality, unique awards of all types.

We have showcased a few items below, but feel free to browse their website for their complete line of products.

Sport Trophies

Metal Cup w/Solid Wood Base & Glass Ball

Comes with a solid wood 3 posts set base; giving you more space for your plates with names of the winning teams. The silver and black columns and the top silver trophy are all metal; the risersĀ  between the set base are made of PVC. Includes glass ball of choice on marble base. It can be used for collegial, professional and fantasy soccer competitions.

Presidential Trophies

Titanium w/Wood, Marble and/or Glass

Awards that are ideal for honoring people in the corporate world and honoring professionals in sports and businesses. All trophies have a metal bowl and a metal riser or structure; they all have premium marble, clear base or solid wood base. You will certainly be unique with these original and daring designs.