Whether you already have a certificate that needs framing or you would like to purchase a stock or custom certificate, we can professionally mount them in a variety of ways. Below are the most popular options.

External Plexiglass certificate plaque

External Plexiglass Certificate Plaque

  • 13"(W) x 10-1/2"(H) Plaque Board
  • 11"(W) x 8-1/2"(H) Plexiglass
RTD6 Drop In Certificate Plaque

Drop-In Certificate Plaque

  • 13"(W) x 10-1/2"(H) Plaque Board
  • Recessed 11"(W) x 8-1/2"(H) Plexiglass

Slide In Certificate Plaque

Slide-In Certificate Plaque

  • 13"(W) x 10-1/2"(H) Plaque Board
  • 11"(W) x 8-1/2"(H) Gold Frame Certificate Holder
12" x 15" Black Marble Finish Certificate Plaque with Gold Back Plate

Gold Backing Certificate Plaque

  • 15"(W) x 12"(H) Plaque Board
  • 11"(W) x 8-1/2"(H) Plexiglass
  • 13"(W) x 10-1/2"(H) Gold Metal Back Plate

P4190 11" x 14" Black Glass Certificate Plaque

Glass Certificate Frame

  • 14"(W) x 11"(H) Black Glass Frame w/Beveled Edges
  • 11"(W) x 8-1/2"(H) Clear Glass in Middle